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intense, close-boy you cloud-to-ground lightning. the michigan game was called late in the third quarter with michigan up 34-10. western michigan and michigan agreed not to play any longer because it was so dangerous out there. right now, temperatures are mid-to-upper 70s around town. 77 in washington. 76 annapolis. not much on our radar, one or two lonely spritzes of rain. that's about it. the showers we had way early this morning are fading down around southern west virginia. all the heavy weather across south bend, indiana, here in ann arbor, michigan, right here where the games were so severely impacted by the bad weather they're still getting pounded by thunderstorms here this evening and on the gulf coast, heavy vain from houston all the way to pensacola, florida. all that rain, this rain here and the rain across the upper midwest and showers in southern virginia will all eventually combine into one very long stretch of wet weather that we're going to have to deal with around here beginning monday afternoon and potentially lasting all the way through thursday or friday of the upcom
for a few hours. and romney spent the day in michigan where a straw poll takes place tomorrow where herman cain got an unexpected boost in florida, harry had the most to lose. >> they took a second look at rick perry and decided he's not up to this. >> today's results make mitt romney the undisputed front-runner in the race. while everyone else's spot in the polls is unlikely to change. >>> two american hikers released from an iranian prison are on their way back to the u.s. right now. they spoke before boarding a plane in oman this afternoon. >> the plane that brought us here three days ago, was the most incredible experience of our lives. we'll never forget the excitement of seeing our loved ones waiting for us at the foot of the plane. the joy of embracing them all after so long will stay with us forever. >> bauer and fatale are expected to land in new york tomorrow afternoon. the two were released from an iranian prison earlier this week on $1 million bail. bauer, fattall and showered were detained in 2009. shourd was released last year. >>> a woman says she was scammed out of $25,000
. >>> the great escape. a michigan suspect manages to slip out of handcuffs and through a police cruiser's window. >>> a collision course. a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in argentina. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. today we begin with a major gop victory. at a time when president obama can least afford it, republicans have scored an upset in a house race being called a referendum on the president's handling of the economy. last night retired media executive and political newcomer, bob turner, narrowly dwooed defeated david weprin according to the associated press. democrats outnumber republicans three to one in new york's ninth congressional district, which hasn't sent a republican to congress in nearly 90 years. turner replaces congressman anthony weiner, a seven-term democrat who resigned in the wake of a sexting scandal in june. in nevada, former republican state senator mark amodei coasted to a victory in a district that's never elected a democrat. >>> meanwhile
satellite splashed down into the pacific early saturday morning. >>> in wisconsin, folks near lake michigan had a rare sighting of their own this weekend. time lapsed video shows a waterspout spinning over the surface of the lake near milwaukee. fortunately, the only tornados spotted were the ones that form over water. >>> finally, a sight that could put your stomach in a tailspin this weekend. the seventh annual world tamale contest was held. the champion scarfed down 67 tamales, earning him $1,500. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is meteorologist todd santos with the weather channel forecast. i can barely eat one tamale in 12 minutes. >> $1,500 is not enough. >> you don't think so? >> no, not for me. let's take you to something as far as texas is concerned. there may be some implications going forward this week and next week for hurricane hillary to maybe drop a little of this moisture that is dropping across portions of the pacific over maybe the southwest. some of that could get into the forecast there. there's a look at the system there. category three 12
football, eastern michigan is in michigan taking on the wolf reens. dry. michigan state is in south bend taking on notre dame at 3:30 right here on nbc. 67 degrees there. the brake light of the tigers auburn at clemson in death valley today 69 degrees. cloudy skies, a breeze and a risk of a little light rain there. colgate is in hanover, new hampshire -- >> big green. >> john's alma mater. the dartmouth green -- >> deep green. we don't really have a mascot. >> big green. there's the game of the day, top ranked oklahoma fifth ranked florida state in tallahassee under the lights. 8:00 kick off, 80 degrees. >> wow. must be nice to be in florida. >> got to win this one. if we get past this one i'll be at the ou/missouri game cheering on what will hopefully be an undefeated team. it's going to be close. >> thanks, chuck. >>> it is 9:50 right now. they used to be division rifles. >> that's right. when the redskins take on the cardinals tomorrow the matchup will be just as heated. >>> up next, we'll take a look back at a skins/cardinals gapes all fans will remember fondly. ♪ ♪ [ male announ
and the politics of the economy. joining us, former democratic governor of michigan jennifer granholm. republican strategist alex castellanos. white house correspondent for "the new york times." helene cooper. senior political analyst for "time" magazine, mark halperin. >>> good morning. after weeks of taking his case on the road and urging congress to pass his jobs bill tomorrow the president will lay out his plan to reduce the deficit. "the new york times" reporting this morning that president obama will call for a new minimum tax rate for millionaires and will dub the proposal the buffett rule in reference to billionaire warren buffett who has advocated that the superrich should pay their fair share taxes. what are the prospects among republicans? what sort of plan is realistic in the midst of this election cycle. here with us for two live interviews, the republican leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell, and former president of the united states, bill clinton. leader mcconnell, let me start with you and ask you whether this president's plan on a million nash's tax rate is something that you co
republican strategist alex castellanos. former democratic governor of michigan and the author of "a governor's story: the fight for jobs and america's commission future" jennifer granholm and her book, right there side by side. white house correspondent for "the new york times" helene cooper, and senior litical analyst for "time" magazine, mark halperin. welcome to all of you. so here we have an economic debate about jobs, and the deficit, in the middle of a presidential campaign. mark halperin, a president in trouble because of the economy. and here come the republicans, with big internal battlesoing on, but they're making their charge for the nomination. so the question that i asked former president clinton i think is most germane which is can this president be reelected? he says, yes, after a pause, if, and there's a lot of ifs there. >> there are. i think he's still the front-runner to be re-elected until a publican emerg clearly capable of taking him on. the environment is horrible. and the current fight he's in over getting the econy back on track and reducing the deficit, i think he d
of michigan, missouri, and texas, but not here. the relief is due to sharp decline in crude oil prices. the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.51 per gallon, down from a high of $3.98 in early may. the national average is $3.50, down 9 cents from just a week ago. d.c.'s average is right around $3.62 a gallon, down from $3.73. virginia is the cheapest in our area. a gallon costs $3.36, 8 cents cheaper from a week ago. maryland is down 9 cents from $3.53 to now $3.44. over in west virginia, drivers are paying $3.59, down from $3.64. we have more good news. analysts are predicting that by november we may be paying as little as $3.25 for gasoline. tracee wilkins, live this morning in capitol heights where the gas prices here are $3.41 for regular. back to you all in the studio. >> not bad, tracee. thank you. >>> also dropping mortgage rates. they have fallen below 4%. the united states has not seen rates this low since world war ii. we, however, are not seeing a huge refinancing or buying boom because many americans are worried about buying because of the economy, and man
on to michigan, which is holding its own straw poll on sunday. in florida, michele bachmann needed to show she is still a top tier candidate. >> i have no doubt president obama will be a one-term president. >> reporter: and for the others, florida is a fight for survival. >> barack obama has been the best food stamp president in american history. >> this is the most important election in your lifetime. >> this economy is on life support. >> reporter: the trail to 2012, getting shorter, but not easier. brian moore, nbc news. >>> again, herman cane won the straw poll. rick perry came in second, mitt romney came in third. more than 2,600 people voted in that straw poll today. >>> prosecutors in italy asked an appeals judge to put amanda knox in jail for the rest of her life. knox and her ex-boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate. both maintain their innocence. knox's lawyers say key evidence was tampered with, at her last trial knox was sentenced to 26 years. prosecutors are fighting for longer prison terms, a longer prison term. a verdict is expected in about two weeks. >>> some of the w
. police believe they know the motive, but they have not yet revealed it. >>> michigan governor rick snyder has signed into law controversial four-year lifetime limit on cash welfare benefits. advocates for the poor warn that nearly 30,000 children will be without cash assistance starting october 1st. the republican governor says there will be exceptions, including for those who are disabled and can't work. >>> there may be light at the end of the tunnel for air travellers. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says you will eventually be able to keep your shoes on while passing through security. no specific date was given. she add thad restrictions on carrying liquid will continue for some time. >>> and in poland residents are cleaning up from a storm that brought massive chunks of hail. the hail stones shattered windows and damaged over 100 houses. >>> and now here's an early look at one of your top health headlines on msnbc.com. a new study suggests if taken early in pregnancy, calming anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen may increase the chance of miscarriage. studying the r
but listed in stable but critical condition. >>> bank robbers in michigan barrelled down the road, attempting to avoid police in a rental truck. the suspects weaved through traffic, tossing money from the truck as police pursued. officers retrieved some of the cash before ending the chase and arresting two men. >>> in the nation's capital in what looked like a scene from a hollywood action movie a team of specialists repelled down the washington monument wednesday to inspect the damage done to the 5 50-foot marble structure by last month's earthquake. they hope to announce a timetable by mid-october for repairing and reopening the monument. >>> in iowa. one woman is getting a big green thumbs up from her community. she single-handedly transformed a city park to landscaping and sculpture. she does it on her own time and has become known as the park lady. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather dough men ka davis from wnbc 4 new york. good morning, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. we're still dealing with the same old weather across the east coast. once again you need the
. the driver was unhurt and a cause has yet to be determined. >>> police in michigan suspect a crash that ended the lives of two people was due to drag racing. the two people killed were passengers inside a truck that smashed into a building. the driver survived and is expected to be charged in connection with the deaths. >>> big one that got away is a fishing story one florida teen will not have to tell. look at that. with the help of a friend, the 19-year-old captured a 12-foot long 300 -pound alligator. he was able to reel in the massive animal by pulling it on his boat with a fishing rod and killing it with a 44 caliber bang stick and harpoon. that's hard core. >>> and finally, the 25th annual harvest and herb festival is getting a lot of attention with a competitive event. it's the pumpkin chunken competition. they use a medieval apparatus to launch pumpkins and the team able to launch the furthest wins. but isn't everyone a winner when you're launching pumpkins? come on. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather let's check in with ryan phillips. >> i have not launched a pu
say a michigan attorney and his two sons are lucky to be alive after a bomb exploded in their car tuesday evening. the three managed to escape the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in the explosion. the man was reportedly released from the hospital. his 11 and 13-year-old sons were last listed in critical condition. >>> in new jersey, newly released surveillance video shows an suv smashing into a jewelry store back in july. a quick-thinking customer pulled the driver's foot off the gas, turned off the ignition and wrapped the injured driver's hand in a tourniquet. thankfully, no one was seriously injured. >>> wildlife officials in colorado are warning residents to lock up their trash at night. that's because the unusual number of dumpster diving bears. apparently a drought in southeastern parts of the state has the hungry animals on a desperate search for food before high b hibernation. >>> here's meteorologist ryan phillips from wtvj in miami. they eat 20,000 calories a day. >> no kidding. >> that'
angeles. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. a michigan man is relying on surveillance video in his suit against two police officers who escorted him out of a casino. the video shows one cop punched the man in the face, knocking him to the ground where he continues punching him. assault charges initially filed by the officers were later dropped after the prosecutor viewed the tape. >>> in texas firefighters believe a bolt of lightning may be to blame for a brush fire on the site where the 200 4 movie "the alamo" was shot. it's scorched some 200 acres. >>> an underground gas leak set a road on fire in northern california last night. firefighters were called to the scene after a four-inch gas line set a major intersection ablaze, forcing traffic to be redirected and several nearby businesses to evacuate. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >>> and finally, a controversial costume has stirred up hard feelings in florida. the ice cream cone costume was meant to draw customers to a newly opened store, but from a distance, some locals thoug
. breaking news in michigan. police say they are investigating an explosion near monroe, michigan, that seriously injured three people. the scene is located about halfway between detroit and toledo. authorities say a car bomb led to that explosion. >>> another deadly day in mexico. police shut down this busy road in the coastal town of boca del rio after they dumped 35 bodies under a highway bridge. police say it's all connected to organized crime. violence has escalated as rival gangs fight for control there. at least 35,000 people have died in drug violence in mexico over the last five years. >>> nasa says a dead satellite in space will probably make a crash landing here on earth tomorrow. the six ton piece of equipment the size of a city bus was put into orbit back in 1991. nasa experts expect the satellite to break into small pieces before falling. scientists say it could land as far north as canada or as far south as south america, but it will probably land in the ocean. the odds of pieces of the satellite hitting anyone are 1 in 3,200. nasa adds that no one has ever been hit
displays of the confederate flag are not affected. >>> a michigan woman has filed a lawsuit against computer giant microsoft. that suit filed in seattle's u.s. district court claims that microsoft tracks people illegally. she says the company's new phone software tracks users with its location tracking feature even if the feature is turned off. the suit seeks unspecified damages, and lawyers from microsoft have declined to comment. >>> attention netflix subscribers. you will not be able to watch starz movies and content online much longer. the premium cable channel starz says it is ending its relationship with the premium entertainment subscription company. right now netflix subscribers can watch starz content through netflix's on demand streaming service. netflix will only be able to run starz content through next february. that's six months. >>> the white house is bringing the constitution into the 21st century. it has created a new website called we the people. it allows citizens to create online petitions asking for government action. people can start a petition on issues that m
bulldogs. 87 degrees. dry weather expected there. the fighting irish go to michigan to take on the wolverines. the first ever night game in michigan stadium. 8:00 kickoff. rain pretty likely there. b ycht u going down to texas to take on the longhorns. 94 degrees there. and charleston southern university, the warm-up game for the seminoles of florida state, next saturday the oklahoma sooners will be down there. >> your team. >> are you a fan of oklahoma in. >> no, just throwing that out. >> howard-morehouse the big one. >>> are you ready for some football? >> i know we are. if not, perhaps this will get you ready. a look back at a redskins thriller from nearly 30 years ago. there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only
massachusetts governor mitt romney won in michigan by a wide margin. taking more than 50% of the vote. rick perry came in a distant second with just under 17% of the vote. but even more surprising, businessman herman kaine won in the florida straw poll with 37% of the vote. texas governor rick perry came in second with 15%. and this morning, on the "today" show, kaine said his victory was authentic and was not a protest against perry. >> message come out of that victory was simple. the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media. secondly, message is more powerful than money. rick perry and mitt romney, they both spent a considerable amount of money in order to try to influence that florida straw poll. i rented a bus and went all over the state talking to people, sharing my message. that's what made the difference. >> kaine mentioned he liked the saturday night skit that spoofed the gop debate. the former owner of a pizza business says he likes it so much he will use the slogan -- vote for me, i will deliver in the next debate. >>> there is a new push to get republican
-raisers. >>> the intrigue in the republican presidential race is heating up. later today michigan is holding its republican straw poll. but all the talk is still on florida's straw poll from yesterday. nbc's brian moore has the latest on the surprising results. >>> with 986 votes, 37.1%, herman cain. >> businessman herman cain pulled off a surprising win. and michele bachmann finished dead last in the saturday straw poll of florida conservatives. texas governor rick perry finished second, beatinging mitt romney but not his own high expectations after a disappointing week. >> i have all my hopes on florida again. >> perry's campaign has been counting on a win here to regain the momentum lost in this past week's debate. the hike is supposed to be sunseted after four years. romney has been slamming perry for sympathizing with the children of illegal immigrants. >> legal immigration, good for america. illegal immigration, something i will stop if i'm president. >> both romney and perry moved on to michigan, which is holding its own straw poll on sunday. in florida, michele bachmann needed to show she is still
with workers in detroit, michigan. he'll discuss efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy. this visit comes after a dismal jobs report that said employers stopped hiring during the month of august. many economist expected 90,000 new jobs to be added. president obama will outline what the white house is calling a comprehensive job creation plan this thursday during a joint session of congress. >>> the attorney for gary giordano says he's going to file an appeal against an aruban judge's latest ruling. the judge ruled that giordano has to stay in that jail in aruba for another 60 days. giordano was connected to the disappearance of robyn gardner who went missing a month ago while snorkeling off the caribbean coast there. he's not opinion charged with a crime, but investigators believe he purchased an insurance policy for the trip and tried to cash it after gardner went missing. >>> and today, amanda knox returns to court to appeal her murder conviction. knox and her now-ex-boyfriend both accused of killing her roommate in italy in 2007. prosecutors say knox's dna was found on the knife
loses the straw poll in florida. romney won in michigan. do you think his candidacy is fading? >> i don't know. the pundits will tell you better than i. keep in mind, the press wants a battle, so they are going to knock down who is ahead or the woman behind. some of these candidates positions trouble me to not believe in science is just ridiculous. then to accuse perry of doing something wrong with a vaccine. he probably did what's right. to accuse romney of doing something wrong with health care in massachusetts. it's really the only change that has worked. they seem to be ahead at the moment. they both have things i agree with and things i don't agree with. >> has anything changed your view about the need for a third party and do you think it's viable in this leadership climate? >> a third party candidate is not a viable candidate. i'm not going to be one. if somebody wants to run, if it's going to get you on the ballot, it's good for democracy. the public tends to vote with one of the two major parties. >> will you endorse a candidate? >> probably not. i'm going to work with who ever
. and howard starts the season off on the road against eastern michigan. we should also note that navy plays delaware in annapolis. lots of options this week. >>> an ohio high school football team thought they were honoring a friend who died in a car crash last week. >> it turns out the little celebration cost them big time. last week louisville high school scored a touchdown with a minute left in the game. the players pointed to the sky. you can see it there, to honor a close friend who was killed last week. the referees then flagged the players for excessive celebration, giving their opponent field position for their ensuing possession and allowing them to kick the game-winning field goal. the ohio high school athletic association officials say that the correct call was made because, quote, any prolonged gesture that draws attention to itself is a foul. too bad for them. >> oh, come on. that was not excessive. >> i didn't think that was excessive. >> it wasn't a big long dance on the field. normally, i'd be all about the rules are the rules. in thicase, come on. >> seems really a very clos
a car exploded and caught fire on a michigan highway. it happened yesterday in monroe. a father was driving his two sons to football practice when the car blew up. they have found evidence of a car bomb. a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered in the case. >>> notice anything out of the ordinary at this soccer game? there are no men in the stands. soccer officials in turkey decided only women and children under the age of 12 will be admitted to matches where fans have been sanctioned for unruly behavior. yesterday, 41,000 women and kids packed the soccer stadium. one female soccer official said they know the team chants and chant them as well as the men do. the women and kids get free admission. that's a different scene. >> yeah. >> it's cool. >> a lot of woman power. still ahead on news 4, new ques >>> there's an update in the case of a trainer at seaworld killed by one of the wheals last year. new questions emerging over whether or not the florida theme park put the trainer in harm's way. we have the latest on the case from orlando. >> reporter: the videos played in court s
massive swirling weather system churning, twirling, spewing out waves of rain from lake michigan east to the atlantic ocean. our friends the forecasters at the weather channel tell us after being parked like a car tire for a week now, it will finally be pushed out by the first big real cold air mass of the season from our neighbors to the north. >>> bank of america announced today it will start charging customers a $5 a month fee to use a debit card. the new financial reform law lowered the amount banks get each time a debit card is swiped at a store. banks are having trouble because interest rates are low and so is demand for loans. the fee will not apply if the card is only used to get cash from an atm and not for purchases. >>> there are fascinating numbers out tonight from the brand new census. they tell us a lot about who we are and how much life in america has changed in just the space of one generation including what we all look like these days. nbc's tom costello has our report. >> reporter: the latest snapshot of america shows a population that is quickly becoming much more m
in the southern united states but yesterday several were spotted over lake michigan. this was just a mile away from marquette university. and, kim, correct me if i'm wrong, but this happens when a lot of the air rises up into thunderstorms and kind of rotates. >> oh, we have another meteorologist on set. >> i do like weather. not enough to be a meteorologist but it does fascinate me, especially pictures like that. >> water spouts are a cousin to a tornado. not all of them are tornadic waterspouts. believe it or not, the great lakes do get these. the funny thing is they get them in all. it has all summer to warm up and the cold air masses coming from canada. they generate updrafts. sometimes you get a localized spin. that's what generates the water spouts. >> a mini tornado. >> nice to look at when they don't affect anybody out over the open water. don't mind that type of weather. we're kind of getting sick of our weather here, i must say. >> a little bit. >> i'm getting a little sick of talking about. >> yesterday was a little overcast. >> yeah. kind of dreary. but it didn't rain too much. in
damaging and dangerous. as for michigan itself, the unemployment rate there is 10.9%. that is well above the national average. president obama won that state handily back in 2008, and it is a must-win state for 2012. kate. >> a big jobs speech coming up on thursday. have we got a preview yet of what will be in that? >> reporter: white house officials here say that the president was putting the finishing touches on that speech over the weekend. they say he wants it to be big and bold and aggressive. at the same time he has to be realistic because he has to get it through a republican-led house. however, we'll have to wait until thursday to see how bold he goes. if he gets a lot of push-back from congress, kate, we could see this speech become one of the principle parts of his platform in 2012. kate. >> kristen welker at the white house tonight. thank you. >>> while the president was talking jobs with supporters, the republicans who want to replace him took part in a candidate forum in south carolina. kelly o'donnell joins me now from columbia. good evening, kelly. >> reporter: good evenin
colorado, michigan, iowa and north carolina, they hope they can get the lights back on much sooner, brian? >> and just one state out of 11 states still dealing with out ans tonight. anne thompson, ridgefield, connecticut. >>> and as we track the new threat out over the atlantic, katia has strengthened overnight. into a full blown hurricane, but tonight, the storm has been downgraded again to a tropical storm. and again tonight, it still too early according to forecasters to tell when, where or if katia will impact the u.s. or if it will hook a right turn and go back ought to sea. but there is a more immediate threat, sadly. there's a weather system churning tonight over the gulf of mexico, and it's looking likely it will become a tropical depression or perhaps a tropical storm over the next 24 hours. that could mean heavy rain for days. most important, most immediately this evening, they're already evacuating offshore oil rigs in the gulf of mexico and of course we are greatly concerned over new orleans, just days after the sixth anniversary of katrina. >>> now from rain to exactly the op
have three siblings. and they're -- >> reporter: yale, columbia -- >> michigan, stanford, a big deal. so it turns into how many degrees, you know, do you want to get? i got a job right now, i'm a little busy. >> reporter: and he wants to win the super bowl. >> it is still my goal here, you know, doing my best no matter what is expected of me. >> reporter: regardless, he's already a champion in the cause that matters most. jenna bush hager, nbc news, philadelphia. >>> that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. coming up next, "football night in america" followed by "sunday night football," the eagles and the falcons. brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card
high winds whipped up huge waves on lake michigan, some of which washed right up on the bike path. a helicopter from our station wmaq caught some of the unlucky ones who didn't realize their morning workout would include a swim. >>> we have been following them all week. the daring four-person crew inspecting the washington monument for earthquake damage. they finished their work today and we got new views of the high wire act. they removed more loose pieces of stone which has been their top priority since those pieces could injure or kill someone if they fell. >>> when we come back, a young educator making a difference on the front lines of learning. the front lines of learning. hey, where's harriat? [ harriat ] you hoo! [ female announcer ] must be the os-cal. only os-cal ultra has the most calcium and d3, plus 7 bone health nutrients. so you can always be strong, with os-cal. as much as i can about a company before i invest in it. that's why i like fidelity. they give me tools and research i can't get anywhere else. their stock screener lets me search for stocks with more than 1
jim grout. we're a very small farming community in michigan. >> the best beans you can get. >> we're not as big as new york, but we're still just as proud to be part of the fire as much as. being here today, put a lot of perspective on their job as well as ours. it's gut wrenching. speechless. >> i was 6 years old and a teacher came in to talk to our teacher and she told her to turn on the television. and i remember seeing smoke coming up and it just didn't seem real. it seemed like a video game or something. >> i'm cecilia warren beavers. it's an honor to have it here, it reflects who we are and what we live for, truly. the freedom that we have, and how we have to keep fighting for it. i'm jasmine ortiz. to have a part of what happened in history that will always be remembered is important to us. >> it's history. i'm captain at the freemont fire department. we deployed 11 days after the incident. >> that at the time was 4-year-old chocolate lab, the hardest part for me was the families asking us to look for their loved ones. stuffing pictures of their loved ones in our gear. as w
rival, mitt romney, did not campaign at the straw poll, instead going to his birthplace, michigan. >> i bet you remember my dad, don't you? >> reporter: in the wake of today's surprise, analysts say romney is now the clear frontrunner. >> he's not open to average political junky. it means they took a second look at rick perry and decided that he's not up to this. >> reporter: a wild card in the race, more washington dysfunction. even as disaster victims still struggle to recover, the agency that aids them, fema, is now caught in a partisan funding fight. unless congress can agree, funds run out at mid-week, with a larger government-wide shutdown looming friday. analysts say the gridlock could hurt republicans next year. >> this becomes a challenge to the republican party. once it has a nominee, will it be a party that can still win the middle, take independent voters away from president obama, keep the majority in the congress, and also win the white house in the fall of 2012. >> reporter: lester, as we said kane didn't just win, he rolled over everyone. he beat his nearest competitor b
was getting >>> a michigan pharmacist is looking for a new job after an armed robbery. out was captured on video. >> reporter: security cameras capture the late-night robbery attempt. a masked gunman leaps over the counter and points a gun to the pharmacist. he draws his own weapon. >> i feared for my life. in self-defense, i fired my weapon as i continued to move from him. >> reporter: instead of being rewarded, he was fired. >> no life was lost, no life was harmed and nothing was stolen. >> in that context, i think he was a hero. >> reporter: he was on the overnight shift when two armed men burst in. one holds a gun, the second jumps the pharmacy counter trying to shoot him but the gun wouldn't fire. >> the gunman advanced on me rapidly. he hurdled over the counter in a single motion and pointed his weapon at me. the gunman repeatedly tried to fire upon me. >> reporter: he tried to call 911. he's holding a phone in his right hand and a gun in the left. he fired three times and scared them away. another employee recovered a gun. he bought his gun after the store was robbed in 2007. he
wallet? facebook >>> in michigan, authorities are trying to figure out who planted a bomb that injured a man and his two kids. >> laura mcdonald has more on the investigation and some of the 911 calls that poured in from the scene. >> 911. >> the 911 lines exploded when police saw the fireball. the 911 calls coming fast on every line. each lines you can see that there is a big cloud of black smoke. >> inside the car was attorney eric chapel. his practice is in a toledo suburb. listen as he calls 911. >> i've got two significant leg injuries. one is in the bottom left injury, bottom left leg and one to his left buttocks, they are chewed up pretty good. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> the boys were air lifted from the scene and they were on their way to football practice when the car exploded. family members are evasive when asked if they are aware of any threats to the family. they also say they are not in a position to talk at this time. at tf agents are on the ground in monroe to figure out who planted the bomb in his car and why. >> someone out there knows what happene
and minnesota and northern michigan and into vermont, new hampshire, and maine. they've been seeing that the last couple of nights. this morning we've got a clear sky. the sky is flooded with moon light rather than an aurora. right now it's clear at reagan national. temperatures at 69. it's just a rather humid this morning. there might be a little light fog in some of the rural areas, and we've got a light southwesterly breeze. now, the view from space over the last 12 hours showing one decreasing line of thunder showers. pennsylvania now that's gone. we've got a clear sky here across virginia, maryland, the district, and west virginia. weather watchers reporting bright moonlight all around from the eastern shore into the mountains. way out here in the midwest, you're watching in hd, you can see this. we've got showers and thunder showers coming into illinois and indiana. that's ahead of a cool front that will be arriving here later this evening. right now it's a pleasant morning this september morning. temperatures now are down near 60 in fairfax and montgomery and prince george's
, michigan and missouri, the price is below $3 a gallon. analysts expect pump prices to drop to $3.25 by november. >>> montgomery county school is using a new approach to elementary education. they are calling it curriculum 2.0. there's more problem solving and encourages kids to talk together about finding solutions. we have the story. >> reporter: these students don't sit at their desks or remain silent in class. they collaborate working in small groups, combining a variety of subjects in a lesson. >> i'm responsible for making them problem solvers and analyze things and look at things from all different aspects. >> reporter: it's called krim lum 2.0. it's the way they are striving to meet and beat new national standards. right now, it's used to teach kindergarten through second grade. it's going to be expanded to fifth grade in the future. >> we are not just teaching to the test. in addition, we are helping students learn for their entire lives. >> reporter: the principal explains how it works. >> it's very child centered, very child driven. it's less teacher talk. it's more chi
in detroit, right here in the mid west. >> reporter: but in michigan, what the president needs for re-election, unemployment is at 10.9%. the nation stuck at 9.1. on thursday night, mr. obama will call for a new jobs stimulus, spending on roads and bridges. >> we've got more than 1 million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now. there is work to be done, and there are workers ready to do it. laborers on board, business on board, we just need congress to get on board. >> reporter: but some in the president's own party fear he'll compromise too fast, and ask too little. >> it has to be a huge effort, $1 trillion or more. and i think the president has to fight for it. you cannot start out by anticipating what you want won't get. >> his republican wry value said the problem is the president. >> having never worked in the private sector, having never had a real job, it isn't surprising he doesn't know how to create a real job. >> you don't have to have a phd in economics from harvard to really understand how to get america back working again. >> reporter: three days u
and their families in detroit, michigan. he'll discuss his efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy. this visit comes after a dismal jobs report on friday that showed employers had pretty much stopped hiring during the month of august. many economists had expected more than 90,000 new jobs to be adding in august. the president will outline what the white house is calling a comprehensive job creation plan this thursday during a speech to a joint session of congress. >>> sunday mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. police in d.c. are already ramping up security. we have more live on the precautions that are being taken. >> reporter: good morning to you. police say across the country no matter where you are, they will be putting additional police officers on the streets. d.c. police chief lanier says officers will focus on ceremony and mass transit. there's a nationwide warning about al qaeda threats involving small planes. they say al qaeda was considering attacks with small planes as recently as this year. >> i think we're definitely better off. both of my parents wo
not campaign in the straw poll. instead, spending saturday in his birthplace, michigan. >> nice to meet you, john. i bet you remember my dad, don't you? >> reporter: analysts say it could mean gop voters are sending a signal. >> so many voters still looking for somebody, another choice. somebody not mitt romney or rick perry. there is an opening for somebody else to come why? >> reporter: a wild card in the race, more washington dysfunction. even as disaster victims struggle to recovery, fema caught in a partisan funding fight. unless congress can agrooshg funding runs out mid week and another government-wide shutdown looming friday. gridlock could hurt republicans. >> will it be a party that can still win the middle? take independent voters away from president obama, keep majority in congress and also win the white house in the fall of 2012. >> reporter: call it an an only le anomaly, he had 37%. rick perry 15% and mitt romney at 14%, and one other surprise here, lester. michele bachmann, at one time won the ames, iowa, poll, only 1.5% in florida. lester. >> mike viqueira, thank you. >>> d
showed herman cane on top. rick perry the second place. michigan straw poll, mitt romney on top and perry coming in second. how do you see this race onhe republican side? >> i don't see what happens. i think it's suddenly up for grabs. i think you'll see more talk about other people getting in. >> you think chris christie is viable? >> i may try paul ryan again. i'm part of that team. we'll see. perry has got to perform better. people talked about this thing being too long and we have too many debates. it has an effect. it gives people to take a look. i think it's wide open. >> look at the trend tracker this morning. romney versus perry is on top. chris christie is number two. obama highlighting education is three. in the pres conversation we do each week on the blog, we oke to the communications director, dan pfeiffer. this is what he said about the front-runners on the republican side. >> what i do know, at least of the two front-runners thatre running, governor perry and governorromney, they are both tremendous candidates. they have adopted positions. they have -- governor perry is som
of michigan and notre dame. lightning appeared to hit the football stadium in south bend, indiana, on saturday. the nearly 80,000 fans evacuated already. game time was a whopping 5 hours, 59 minutes and the fighting irish lost to the south florida bowls. >>> green day frontman wasn't having a blast while flying last week. he was kicked off a southwest flight because of all things, his saggy pants. the flight attendant had asked him to hike them up to which he responded, don't you have better things to do. they apologized to the singer who took the next flight from oakland to burbank. >>> that 22-year-old south african runner that some people thought was a man came in second. he was leading but then lost by half a second back in 2009 after the berlin world championships. she was accused of being a man because of her looks and ability, but gender testing cleared her to compete as a woman. >>> finally, remember the lost penguin that became a worldwide celebrity after he washed up on a new zealand beach? scientists tried releasing the little guy named, happy feet. eventually he slid down the slide
did some searching. i was able to actually find a small $6,000 grant from the state of michigan. but i have never done solar, i didn't know square one about how it was done. we bought panels, we figured out how to do it, and that was our first system. we needed to monitor the power and be able to track how much was coming in and out, and i did find products that would do this for us, but those products could cost thousands of dollars. you know, we didn't have a thousand dollars. we invented a way to read utility meters for essentially free. ♪ my goal is to see a cloud. and i want to see a nice smooth solar graph and then i want it to dip a little bit and know that a cloud just went over the solar panels. my wildest dreams is to have 100 locations in ypsilanti, all on solar ypsi, all being tracked in real time and ypsilanti would be the place to come for solar information. when i started, i was searching and i was looking in ten or twelve difference places, and so now we have a website where information has already been collated so someone can search on solar, find this site and hopef
.p. of michigan. rip currents due to tropical storm maria a problem up and down the eastern seaboard. the heat continues all the way down into the southern california coast. that's what's going on around the country. >>> good morning, a little haze in the air. live picture from the city camera. sky watcher camera showing the national cathedral in the foreground and the fog that we've had in the rural areas is dissipating now. it's a cool morning. down into the 50s in many locations west of 95. in washington and points east, low and mid 60s. later today in the mid 0s. a few clouds around. small chance of isolated thunderstorm west of i-95. tomorrow . >> savannah? >> it was all captured on surveillance video and john yang is in benton harbor, michigan, with details. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is the walgreen's where it all happened where jeremy hovan did stop that attempted armed robbery. some hailed him as a hero but walgreen's fired him. now he is making a federal case suing walgreen's for wrongful termination. security cameras captured the brazen late
yourself. >> welcome to the university of michigan. >> do you give credit for a.p. test scores? >> reporter: a walk around the ivy colored walls. this is how schools like the university of michigan put their best foot forward to attract new students. >> this area is called the diad. >> reporter: from the cafeteria food to the dorm rooms. >> this is your pretty average size student double. >> reporter: it's a full blown sales job, start to finish. >> see this big building here the michigan student union. >> reporter: first impressions generally come from school websites which offer the basics on how many students are enrolled, what type of specialty is offered and social activities, and the big one for parents, how much does it cost? how much of a factor is financial aid, scholarship, all of those money decisions? >> well, it's huge certainly, needs-based scholarships and academic scholarships certainly play a big part in any decision. >> reporter: to narrow is down students and their families visit an average of three or four schools. >> there's college students walking around and it just f
to succeed. 17-year-old ray of michigan says that teachers who go the extra mile have the biggest impact on students of the 21st century. >> one teacher i had, he would even on the weekends -- that's how they tutored. tutored on skype and facebook chat. >> ann curry moderated the discussion noting a government stat that a student drops out every 26 seconds in this country. stephanie torres, now 22, studying on her own for a ged left because there was no support. >> working in the supermarket. i couldn't get any other job. if i wasn't given that option of not going to school and forced to go to school and had somebody supporting me, whether it be my mom or teacher or coach, it would have made a big difference in my life. >> reporter: it is important for teachers and policymakers to know not every student will go to college. they say kids are hurt when they learn to pass tests rather than learn for the sake of knowledge. >> we are not critically thinking on each question. we are going to each question and going okay, i read this last night. let me mark this one because i know that this one
of the season in the u.s. up along the canadian border. northern michigan could have their first first freeze of the season coming in on thursday morning. we'll have the cool air from that system in here on thursday with highs only in the mid 70s. then even cooler friday and saturday morning here. in fact, many locations in the rural areas and mountains may be in the 40s. the coolest morning of the early season so far, that will likely be on friday and again on saturday morning. afternoon highs, only in the 50s and 60s out of the mountains and locally closer to washington, highs only near 70 on friday and saturday. sunday into the mid 70s. so a nice feel as we end the week and head into the weekend. enjoy. >> what a gorgeous day we have to enjoy today. >> it is. it's great. >> beautiful. thanks a lot, tom. >>> it is now 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, they were the talk of the town. opening day uniform. now find out how you can own one of them. >>> and what to wear, we're talking about the latest trends for fall. but first, here's a look at [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you
tough talk for republicans at his labor day picnic yesterday up in michigan. he said that republicans need to put their country before their party, and he really challenged them to make some changes when they get back here from the labor daybreak to try to get some legislation passed that would support the creation of jobs. of course, his big speech on capitol hill comes on thursday. we'll see what the president has to say about that. and we're awaiting new poll numbers to see just how popular the president is in terms of handling the economy and the jobs situation. wendy? >> tracie potts. thanks, tracie. >>> while millions of americans look for work, some members of congress are making millions of dollars. the hill newspaper released a list of the top 50 wealthiest members of congress this morning. the list is made up of 32 republicans and 18 democrats. together the lawmakers have a total net worth of more than $1.6 billion. representative michael mccall, a texas republican, led the list with a worth of $287 millthree the list. democratic senator jay rockefeller of west virginia at n
have fallen below $3 a gallon in places, including parts of michigan, missouri, and texas. unfortunately, it's not fallen to below $3 a gallon here in the d.c. area. the relief is likely due to a sharp decline in crude oil prices. the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.49 per gallon, down from a high of $3.98 in early may. the national average again is the lowest it's been in some time. the d.c. average is right around $3.62 a gallon, down from $3.73, and our area, virginia has the cheapest gas prices now. a gallon costs $3.35. that's down from 9 cents higher than it was a week ago. maryland is down 9 cents from $3.53 to $3.43, and in west virginia right now, they're paying $3.57 for a gallon of regular. there is more good news because some analysts are predicting that in november we may be paying $3.25 for a gallon of regular. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in capitol heights. back to you all in the studio. >> we'd like to see that. tracee, thank you. >>> mortgage rates are dropping fast as well. cnbc's bertha coombs joins us live with more on that
that. >> a great family destination. >> one of my favorite places is michigan. >> also one of my favorite places as well. and the upper peninsula is known for its wildlife. it's a bit of a distance away, it's about six hours' drive. but it's surrounded by all sorts of lakes and rivers. you can see some of them there, lake michigan, lake huron. >> and it's fresh water, it's just glorious. >> and you've been there. >> yes. it's the best-kept secret in america. >> you can stay at the sand hills lighthouse inn. it dates to 1917, not only can you have coastal views, but you can see the amazing changing colors. it's actually known for its mushrooms, we wouldn't recommend you go forging on your own. but if you bring an expert along. that's something new and exciting and you can see the amazing colors. >> new mexico isn't a place i think about when you think about the leaves changing, but it's a good spot. >> you wouldn't think of the southwest as a place to see fall foliage. but if you start in taos and do this amazing drive and do the enchanted circle scenic byway loop, it's an amazing
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